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Houses in Slavonia, Croatia at the price of a used car

Surely, there is no such offer on the sea cost, but moving deep to the country, at a place called Slavonia, prices starting from 7 000 euros.
The reason is that Slavonia is the most economically weak place in Croatia. Young people are moving out of a countryside and the older generation is slowly passing away. Over the past eight years, the cost per square meter in Slavonia fell by 50-60%, says Total Croatia News.

In 2017, home prices will start from € 7,000 - for example, in Belišće. A 94 sq. meters’ house is available for 15 000 euros in Našiće, and a two-storey house in Beli Manastir is will cost you the same.
The most expensive property is located on the coast of Croatia - Dubrovnik, Split and Opatija.

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